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Feature Film - 2015

Visual Effects Supervisor

A fictional story set within a factual modern timeline. Jnr explores the human need to find your parents.


Set in Berlin, Germany and Eastern USA, a musically talented thirty year old man goes in search of his father who he has never met.

Why had he waited so long? He had no choice, the Berlin wall had stopped him.. but
now in 1989 he can try to trace the route left behind by his father, a US Army Musician.


Jnr. is one of the many so called “G.I. Kids” who need to know their roots.


If you are interested to know more please email me and I will send you a link and password to view a "Teaser".  Thank you!

Foggy London background image © Pic-See /
End-Line background image © lzf /
Jnr Guitarist image © Yastremska /

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