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IMDB Review
One of 2014's best animated movies!
15 November 2014
★★★★★★★★★★ (8/10)


Author: Thomas (

English Trailer

Der Kleine Medicus

(The Little Medic)

A 3D animated feature film that I have just directed based on the best selling book "Der Kleine Medicus" written by the famous German doctor, Prof. Dietrich Grönemeyer.


"Nano" and "Lilly" get shrunk down and go on a fantastic journey through the human body in a hi-tech capsule as they try to chase and destroy a remote controlled "Gobot" developed by the evil "Schlotter".


Status:  Released in German cinemas: 30th October 2014.

Produced by Wunderwerk

2014 Cinec Awards

These awards are for technical achievement and innovation in the Film and TV Industry. This year we had over seventy entries with several companies submitting new ranges of fantastic quality lenses. It was definitely.. "Back to Anamorphics" year!

That fantastic "look" which peaked in the 70's with out of focus backgrounds and twinkling highlights has come back with the development of distortion free lenses suitable for both film and digital production.


I've been a Jury Member for the last eight years and yet again enjoyed the difficult but rewarding job of selecting the winners.

I try to see and not just look



An overview of my career so far...

  • BBC

    1973 - 1978

    BBC Television - Film Department - London

    Asst. Dubbing Mixer in Film Dubbing Theater

    Trainee Assistant Film Cameraman

    Production Assistant - Trainee Director

  • CAL Production


    CAL Production - London

    Founded CAL Production as my first video and film production company.

    Directed over 150 image films, documentaries and shorts.

    Opened one of the first video rental shops in the UK.

  • CAL Videographics


    CAL Videographics - London

    Founded the first video computer graphics company in the UK.

    We made visual effects for films including Superman III, Emerald Forest, Peter Greenaway's 'Dante's Inferno’... Station idents for all major UK and many European TV channels... Music Videos for Elton John, Paul McCartney, Dire Straits, Mike Oldfield etc.

    We also worked with all the major advertising agencies and production companies both nationally and internationally.


  • CAL Group


    CAL Group Ltd - London

    The group of companies included CAL Videographics, Axis Associates Design, and Peter Claridge Pictures based at Shepperton Studios. The concept being to provide a "total service" for design, computer animation and live action shooting.

  • Media Technologie MTC AG

    1988 - 1990


    Media Technologie MTC  AG - Zürich - Switzerland

    Founded as a production company based at Limelight Studios in Zürich.
    Wrote and directed "Always in Time" a visual effects film for Swatch using motion control.
    Developed "VIA - The Media Network". A concept for delivering media over the telephone network using hardware from Sony. Their business development manager said "It was the best business concept he had seen in the last ten years!".


  • Scanline Animation


    Scanline Animation - Munich - Germany

    Co-founded Scanline Animation as computer animation production company in Bavaria Film Studios together with Thomas Zauner and Stephanie Stalf.

  • Bavaria Film


    Bavaria Film Studios - Munich - Germany

    For three years I was the Digital Production Supervisor at Bavaria Film where I also wrote and directed `The Castle’ as a promotional film for the studios.

  • MTC GmbH

    1993 - 1995

    MTC GmbH - Munich - Germany

    Co-founded the production company with Christof Gurland within the Bavaria Studios complex. During this time I was also a consultant to French investors during their purchase of
    Babelsberg Studios in Berlin.

    Finally sold M.T.C. GmbH to Bavaria Film GmbH to form a daughter company ‘Bavaria Interactive’.

  • Peter Claridge Pictures

    1996 ...

    Peter Claridge Pictures - Munich
    After many years of starting and running companies, I decided to concentrate on my directing.

    Here is a selection of some projects I have worked on over the years since then.


Smoke and mirrors have been replaced by bits and bytes
but the result should be the same... the illusion must be convincing!


Sitting in a dark cinema, immersed in a story that is being played out
on a huge screen, is always a magical moment for me.

Der Kleine Medicus

It's been a long journey getting to this point and it's difficult to put into words what I feel about directing my first cinema film after forty three years of directing.


A 3D animated feature film actually brings together all the things I have learn along the way... live action, visual effects, CGI animation, music and of course creating a wonderful soundtrack which brought me in a complete circle back to where I started at the BBC... Film Sound!


It was an amazing team effort and I look forward very much to my next project, "Crazy Island inspired by Mordillo", it will be a big challenge and another exciting adventure.


The Little Medic (Der Kleine Medicus) was in German  cinemas from
30th October 2014.        Produced by Wunderwerk

IMDB Review
One of 2014's best animated movies!
15 November 2014
★★★★★★★★★★ (8/10)


Author: Thomas (



I was the 2nd Unit Director and Visual Effects Supervisor for Sven Unterwald's movie produced by Constantin Film. It's the story of Siegfried... but seen through the eyes of German comedian Tom Gerhard!


Working with the animatronics company John Cox's Creature Workshop, and the world famous animal trainer Karl Lewis, I was contracted to look after the other lead characters... a pig and a dragon... along with casting hundreds of kids looking for the perfect "Baby Siegfried" !


Television is where I started my career... l often look back and say a big

"Thank-you" to the BBC for giving me such a great training.

Der Raketenmann

Wernher von Braun... "The Rocket Man".

A mix of documentary archive footage and newly shot drama reconstructions filmed in HD. It tells the story of this intreaging man, from his childhood vision, through developing the V2 rocket for Hitler and culminating with the Apollo landing on the moon for NASA.


ZDF / Zeitsprung Entertainment

Format: TV Drama Documentary - 90 mins.



Aktenzeichen XY...

Broadcast on German TV since 1967, XY... is a "crime reconstruction" show on ZDF. It is made in co-operation with the police to ask for the viewers assistance with unsolved crimes.

This original German show formed the basis for "Crimewatch" in the UK and "Americas Most Wanted" in the USA.


Over several years I shot over eighty films for the series.


ZDF / Securitel

Format: TV - 90 mins.



Helicops was a "very high production value" TV series for SAT1 in Germany.


I directed three one hour episodes, after being the Visual Effects Supervisor for the ninety minute pilot and the first season of thirteen episodes. Action packed with stunts and visual effects, it was a series about an elite "High Tech" police response unit that used a helicopter full of very futuristic technology to track down the villains!


Starring: Christoph M. Ohrt, Matthias Matz, Doreen Jacobi, Iris Junik, Peter Simonischek, Joachim Kretzer... and others.


Die Kumpel

Die Kumpel was also a police TV series for SAT1 in Germany.


This time I directed four one hour episodes of the light hearted crime series set in the mining area of central Germany.


Starring: Katharina Abt, Frank Stieren, Axel Häfner, Bernd Stegemann, Volker Büdts, Ingo Naujoks... and others.


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