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Believe me.. I know how it feels!

I actually stumbled into the Film & TV business when I went to college to study Graphic Design.. However, I soon discovered that I was actually interested in "Communicating".. but using moving images, sound, typography and  Graphics!

So, at the end of my first and somewhat tricky year, the college gave me the chance to stay. They organised external "Tutors" to come in and help me. Over the next two years, this experience was used to develop the basis of a new "Media" course at the college.

When I graduated, I joined the BBC Film Department at Ealing Studios as an Assistant Dubbing Mixer. Over next five years, I was lucky enough to be also trained as an Assistant Film Cameraman and then as a Production Assistant.

I left the BBC to start my own company "CAL Productions" to produce and record Bands, as well as shooting all sorts of "Corporate" films and videos.
(You can use this link Biography to read more details)

So, over forty years later, here I am having been lucky enough to travel all over the World shooting Features, Commercials, Music Clips and Corporate films. I’ve won Awards, worked with fantastic Artists, Actors and Crew... as well as pioneering VFX in London during the 80's by founding CAL Videographics the UK's first computer graphics company... as well as several other companies in Switzerland and Germany.

Now it's "Payback" time!

If you are thinking of entering the Media Industry.. Or you are already making your way through but need some help.. You can contact me and we’ll see if I can give you some advice or at least point you in the right direction!

We can discuss any aspect of Film, TV or other forms of Media production..


Using the "Contact Me" link (below) you will be explain your situation by sending me a message.. Once we have agreed that I might be able to help you, we can also use Skype and/or Email to exchange files in order to better understand your situation.

It's completely confidential and FREE. (However, if you find that my advice has been useful, you can always send me a small “Thank You”.. but like I said, my offer is to do it for free.)

I look forward to hearing from you!

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